BGA Archive Page


Many of the 'first Tuesday' demonstrations were photographed and placed on the website.
In order to make them more accessible these have now been listed in the table below.

To view a demonstration, click the appropriate date.
Date Artist Demonstration
Sept 2007 Tessa Barnes Silk painting
Oct 2007 John Chalkley Portrait in oils
Feb 2008 Tony Jackson Mixed media - Buildings in the landscape
Apr 2008 Chris Christoforou Portraits in tinted charcoal pencil
Jul 2008 Sue Ellen Wilder Flowers in watercolour
Sept 2008 Robin Mackervoy Oil painting a marine subject
Oct 2008-Not available Derek Daniels Pastel landscape
Jan 2009 Heather Joliffe Watercolour landscape
Apr 2009 Rose Waites Seascapes in oils
Apr 2009 Phil Madley Encaustic art - (postponed from Feb)
Jun 2009 Rob Wareing Pastel portrait
Jul 2009 Soraya French Mixed media - harbour scene
Sept 2009 Keith Morton Still life in acrylic
Nov 2009 Liz Seward-Relfe Flowers in mixed media
Mar 2010 Danny Green Portrait in oils - (postponed from Jan)
May 2010 Roy Lang Seascape in oils
Jun 2010 Melanie Cambridge Figure on a beach
Jul 2010 Terry Harrison Watercolours 'the easy way'
Sep 2010 Rob Wareing Portrait in oils
Oct 2010 Ron Ripley Still life in pastels
Nov 2010 Sharon Hurst Fantasy watercolour
Jan 2011 Brian Thatcher Watercolour 'wet in wet'
May 2011 John Heywood Old buildings in a landscape - acrylic
Jun 2011 Derek Oliver Animals in pastel
Jul 2011 Mike Skidmore Portrait in oils
Sept 2011 Celia Maddison Flowers in watercolour
Oct 2011 Jean Turton Chinese brush painting
Jan 2012 Heather Joliffe Seascape in acrylics
Feb 2012 Mike Kirkbride Egg tempera demonstration
May 2012 Ali Cockrean Expressionistic painting in acrylics
Jun 2012 Rob Wareing Portrait in pastels
Jul 2012-Not available Derek Daniells Landscape in pastels
Sep 2012 Cathy Ebbels Mosaics
Oct 2012 David Boxshall

An introduction to airbrush

Nov 2012 Melanie Cambridge Garden scene in oils
Jan 2013 Heather Joliffe Woodland scenes using oil and chalk pastels
Feb 2013 David Lewry Botanical illustration
May 2013 Sonia Bacchus Techniques of the masters using acrylics and oils
Jun 2013 Hashim Akib Vibrant acrylics
Jul 2013 Liz Seward Flowers in mixed media
Sep 2013-Not available Derek Daniells Landscape in acrylics
Oct 2013 Rob Wareing Portrait in oils
Nov 2013 Tony Jackson Still-life in pastels
Apr 2014 Sarah Javanicius Modern take on collage
May 2014 Sonia Bacchus Portrait in acrylics and oils
Sep 2014 Rob Wareing Portrait in pastels
Oct 2014 Glynis Barnes-Mellish Painting animals in watercolour
Feb 2015 James Willis Landscape in watercolour
Apr 2015 Ali Cockrean Colour mixing
May 2015 Sonia Bacchus Impressions of flowers using acrylics

Jun 2015

Peter Keegan Portrait using charcoal
Jul 2015 Roy Rodgers Landscape in oils
Sep 2015 Rob Wareing Portrait in oils
Oct 2015 Phil Madley Encaustic wax
Nov 2015 Joanna Stone Landscape with pen and watercolour
Feb 2016 Marilyn Comparetto Abstract/impressionism (mixism)
Apr 2016 Sharon Hurst Fantasy Watercolour
May 2016 Fred Howett Use of computers in art. Thoughts on colour vision
Jun 2016 Keith Hornblower Painting a townscape in watercolour
Jul 2016 Sonia Bacchus Making and preparation of canvases
Sep 2016 Rob Wareing Portrait in pastels
Oct 2016 Alex Roch Adding figures to a landscape using water soluble oil paints.
Nov 2016 Simon Elinas Caricature drawing
Jan 2017 Sonia Bacchus Painting animals in acrylic
Feb 2017 Max Hale A linear pastel technique
May 2017 Paul Alcock 'Line and Wash' technique
May 2017 Andy Dalton Printing Workshop
Jun 2017 Jim Patterson Making of hand made watercolour paper
Jul 2016   Growing use of resins in artwork
Sep 2017 Rob Wareing Portrait demonstration in oils


Annual Summer Exhibition