Demonstration of a seascape in oils


The demonstrator, Rose Waites, showed via two demonstrations, alternative ways of representing water in a seascape. She said her work in this area was heavily influenced by a trip to Bahrein and her recent introduction to sailing. She worked without any preliminary drawing in a very loose and emotional style.

Some photos of the demonstration are shown below.

In this demonstration, the sea is built up simply from adding overlapping squiggly lines of different colours while the colours are still wet.


In this demonstration, the background is painted in loose broad strokes of blue paint with a few strokes of green added. Turpentine is then brushed across the top to cause a series of runs for dramatic effect.

Here the moon is created by lifting out, and the boat, clouds and ripples are added while the underlying paint is still wet.


Rose Waites with one of her demonstrations.