New approach to collage

Sarah Janavicius

This was Sarah's first visit here at Barnet Guild of Artists.

Sarah mainly paints in watercolours in bright, bold style of her own. She also paints in other water based media such as acrylic and gouache. Her paintings are influenced by her background experience as a graphic designer and through spending 10 years of her life living in, and exploring, Australia. As far as subject matter goes, Sarah is inspired mainly by the natural landscape and its creatures. Compositionally her work is stylized to suit the chosen subject matter.

Sarah started the evening with a slide show of her time in Australia which has a major impact on her current work.

For this demonstration Sarah chose a dragonfly in its natural environment as her subject. The design was marked out on a board using waterproof black ink.


Sarah's technique is to produce a variety of surfaces with different textures and colours, but sympathetic to the subject and its composition.

This board shows a variety of some of the diffent surfaces she has used. A wide variety of materials are used to achieve a huge variety of different textured surfaces. These include wallpaper, sponges, cloths, bits of carpet, scuting pads etc to both apply and partially scrape off the paint which may be acrylic, gouache, oil pastels etc.

For this demonstration a range of mainly green textured surfaces were produced

Shapes of the individual 'cells' on the master board were then accurately cut from the collage samples using a traceing paper transfer technique. These were then stuck onto the master board using PVA Adhesive.

The master board nearing completion.

The final painting mounted in a frame. Altogether Sarah gave us a very interesting and intruiging evening.