Demonstration of Buildings and perspective in mixed media



The tutor, Tony Jackson, gave a very comprehensive insight into the different aspects of perspective when applied to buildings, which he demonstrated with numerous quick sketches. Particularly interesting was the use of perspective to add drama to a painting. He then demonstrated these principles in a quick painting of a ruined church in Walberswick, Suffolk using pastel and acrylic.

Some photos of the demonstration are shown below.

The first stage, positioning the subject on the canvas using rough pastel drawing.

The second stage, adding the darkest shadow areas with blue acrylic.


The third stage, adding highlights with acrylic after applying more colour with pastel. Although this was as far as the time constraints of the demonstration would permit, Tony Jackson explained that this was as far as he would normally progress a painting in one session, and that it has reached a stage where it can be progressed in numerous directions. He believes that returning to the painting at a later time and with fresh eyes is an important part of the creative process.










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