Demonstration of Abstract/Impressionism

Marilyn Comparetto

In 2002, after 30 years of drawing and painting through the observation and the delivery of a more illustrative art, Marilyn Comparetto began to experiment. Consequently later works very rarely just illustrate the things or people that occupy the world. Even a representation of objects grouped in a painterly composition may reveal sections of the artist’s own life.

Following an initial intensive time of experimentation, Marilyn finally found she could be totally expressive by breaking all the rules and ignoring all of the criticism around her. Marilyn continues to develop the theoretical approach of portraying emotions and connotations intertwined within the compositions of her art work. Creating paintings by pulling deep thoughts and emotions from her own subconscious or/and from influences in the world around her she spews them onto the canvas. As part of this process Marilyn often not only gives a visual image but also creates, and attaches, some poems or prose so that the viewer can understand the emotions that were being delivered in front of them. Marilyn has named this free style form of art ‘Mixism-the ultimate form of expressionism and has demonstrated this style of art around the UK to 20 art societies.
Today Marilyn continues to develop her Mixism works, alongside the more traditional style of works.


For this demonstration, Marilyn worked on a canvas which had been primed with black acrylic paint.

Marilyn then placed the canvas on the floor and coated the edges with varnish.
While this was still wet she 'grated' some blue and yellow pastel dust ino the wet varnish.


Next she randomy stuck some wooden canvas stretcher pegs to the canvas with pva adhesive.
A liberal coating of red acrylic was then applied to the pegs.

Marilyn then loaded a brush with white acrylic paint and applied long brush strokes over the wooden pegs

Changing to oil paint, Marilyn applied a thick coat of dark purple around the top right hand orange peg.
Then taking a wide brush loaded with white oil paint she again painted broad strokes radiating from the corner.

Marilyn often uses different materials to give texture to her abstract artworks

Here she has stiched some copper wire to the canvas and stuck on some spaghetti using pva glue.
She often uses other materials such as scrim and thin perforated metal.

For the final stages Marilyn applied colour to the central section using her fingers together with some white paint thrown from a palette knife.

At the end of the demonstration, Marilyn was asked whether she intended to do any further work on the painting. She said that she would probably do some more work on it and promised to send us a photo of the 'finished' painting. This promise was fulfilled and can be seen in the following photos.

The final painting which Marilyn has called "Collision"