Demonstration of  "wet into wet" watercolour

By Brian Thatcher


Brian gave a very interesting demonstration of the use of "wet into wet" techniques to achieve various effects.

Some photos of his demonstration are shown below.

Brian used a large flat brush to wet the paper before adding the premixed sky colours

The hill on the right was painted first leaving a small triangular unpainted area for the boat sail. The hill on the left was added next and some of the same colour added to the hill on the right while still wet and the colour allowed to bleed. Some darks were added to the shore line andalso allowed to bleed upwards into the hills.

The sea was added next using very loose washes loosely applied.

A pale wash was added to represent the distant hills and blotted out in the centre to give the effect of light shining through the mist. The hull of the boat, some rocks, and a couple of seagulls were then added to complete the demonstration.

For the second demonstration, a similar sky was used and more hills added using wet washes of various colours and allowing them to bleed into one another.

The sea was added as before, then the masts of the boats were added using the edge of a wide flat brush.

The boats were loosely painted and some reflections and movement added to the water

For the final demonstration, Brian showed how the same techniques could be applied using darker washes to produce a more dramatic effect.