Demonstration of seascape painting with acrylics

Heather Joliffe

Heather used a home made stay-wet palette using a plastic box lined with damp kitchen roll covered by some parchment paper as the mixing surface. together with a a minimum colour palette (3 blues, 2 yellows, 1 red, 1 brown, white, and a mauve)

The canvas was covered with a neutral peach coloured ground made from a mixture of burnt sienna and white.

The scene, Old Harry Rocks, Dorset from the Ballard Downs) was sketched in using watercolour pencil.

The sky and sea was loosely scumbled in using different blues

The grass clifftop was added and a dilute transparent purple grey wash painted over the reflected rocks


The distant shore line has been painted in, and the cliff stacks have been painted a chalky colour.
The sea has been darkened adjacent to the grass cliftop and some ripples added to the sea.

Some grass stems have been added to the cliftop using the edge of a piece of card.
Further definition of the ripples adjacent to the stacks was carried out.

The completed demonstration.

Heather with the demonstration in progress.