Demonstration of landscape painting with watercolour

By Terry Harrison


Terry gave a facinating and humorous demonstration of painting landscapes with his unique style using his own design of fan shaped brushes to simplify painting of many types of foliage.

Some photos of his demonstration are shown below.

Terry started by demonstrating the versatility of his special brush designs for all types of foliage including trees, grasses and shrubs.


The lightest areas of the painting are covered with blue mask

The background trees and their reflections in the lake are quickly blocked in

The foreground is added

The dark areas are added and the blue mask removed

Colour and shadow is added to the fence and colour added to the flowers for a final touch to the demonstration


Terry enjoying a good joke during the tea break

After the tea break, Terry tackled a winter scene


Blue mask is applied to the fence and stippled on to the trees behind the barn and the bush near the barn

A wintry sky is quickly blocked in

The darks of the barn are added, together with the trees and bush next to the barn

Foreground shadows are added and the blue mask removed

The finished demonstration