Landscape in Oils

Roy Rodgers

Despite hailing from nearby Harrow, this was Roy's first visit to Barnet.

For this demonstration Roy chose one of his favourite subjects - the Suffolk coast.

Based on two sketches from his extensive range of sketchbooks Roy drew the scene on a ready primed board using charcoal.

After spraying the board with fixative, Roy loosely added the sky using several different shades of blue.


Some colour was added to denote the top of the beach and a line of jetsam. A little pale purple was used to indicate distant trees.

Some colour was added to the fields on the left, the distant trees extended, and some distant sea added. More texture was added to the beach.

The sea was extended to form the shoreline

Roy in contemplative mood.

To finish the demonstration, some white areas were added to the sky and to the waves breaking on the beach. A couple of thin vertical posts were added to add perspective.