Dynamic Acrylics

Hashim Akib

Hashim explained htat after many years working as a professional illustrator working on other peoples designs to other peoples deadlines, it would be nice to do something for himself. The dynamic style of acrylic painting using plenty of paint, use of flat brushes, and mixing on the canvas gradually evolved.

For the demonstration, Hashim gave the members of the audience the choice of three street scenes.


The chosen scene


Hashim chose to work on a pre-primed coloured board for this demonstration.

Using a three inch flat brush he picked up multiple colours from his palette and applied them directly to the canvas with no prior mixing. He then blocked in the distant buildings using bold, wide, vertical stripes, allowing some mixing to take place to produce the required stone colour but also allowing some of the component colours to be seen.

A close-up showing the many colours in the background stripes.


Hashim then switched to a two inch brush and added some windows and perspective lines to the buildings. This was followed by some of the foreground clutter.


   Using a corner of the brush more people were sugested. Reverting to a flat brush the foreground was added.


Using the corner of a 1 inch flat brush the heads of the people were added using a warm red/brown mix, and the umbrella added. The windows on the distant buiding were suggested, some detailing applied to the pub signs and highlights added to the people and chairs in the cafe area.

The finished demonstration with a vibrant feel to it.

Hashim kept up a steady commentary throughout the demonstration rendering questions from the audience almost superfluous and provided us with a most entertaining and enjoyable evening.