Demonstration of  landscape in acrylics

By John Heywood


John gave a very interesting demonstration making use of acrylics unique properties to achieve various effects.
He usually works on board painted with three coats of white acrylic gesso sanded between coats as he prefers painting on a very flat surface

Some photos of his demonstration are shown below.

The sky was painted first using paint diluted with water as in a watercolour wash.
When dry, masking tape was applied to the sea area to ensure a straight horizon, and the distant islands painted.


The masking tape was then placed over the distant hills and the sea painted in.
Note that extra masking tape was applied to the roof of the cottage.

The vegetation was then added using a small pallette knife, applying daubs of pure colour direct to the board and mixing it loosely in situ using the knife.
When the vegetation was reasonably dry, masking tape was placed to mask the sea behind the cottege roof and the roof tiles added using the knife.

Close up of the vegetation showing the loose nature of the knife work. .

More detail was added to the stonework of the cottage and the shadow of the chimney added.

Finally the vegetation in the foreground was painted using the knife and a few clouds added to the sky.

The man himself - John Heywood