Impressions of Flowers

Sonia Bacchus


For this demonstration, Sonia used acrylic paints on a ready prepared white background on pdf board. Her palette consisted of several shades of red and pink, ultramarine and cerulean blue, two yellows (ochre and cadmium), white, and interestingly only one green - viridian.

Sonia started by drawing a small version of the composition on a sketchpad to ensure a good 'fit' on the page. This was then drawn on the board with a soft pencil.

Sonia started by loosely applying the purple background and the green cloth.

Aftter painting the jug, Sonia began painting the leaves starting with the darkes green then applying the mid tones.

The tulip flowers were then loosely blocked in

Sonia then showed the versatility of acrylic by applying it to a surface to which she had previously applied different textures including sand, pva adhesive, and broken eggshells.

Returning to the main demonstration, the background and foreground colours were strengthened.

Up until this point Sonia had only applied the paint using brushes. In order to give an impression of solidity to the jug she applied a thicker layer of paint using a palette knife (and some blending with her fingertips).

The leaves were then built up, again using the palette knife

The palette knife was then used with great effect to finish the tulip flowers and complete the demonstration.