'Line and wash' technique by Paul Alcock

Paul started by telling us that he regularly sketches and showed us some of his workbooks. These are spiral bound, containing thick almost card like pages of a mid toned brown colour. He draws directly with a black fine line waterproof marker. He prefers to augment the initial line drawing with loose work using a few grey marker pens of different shades together with a white pastel pencil for the highlights. When there is no opportunity to sketch on location he takes photographs.


For this demonstration he offered the audience a choice of four photographs. The one chosen is of a woman and two children walking down a narrow street in a small village near Assissi in Italy.

Paul started by drawing a fairly detailed representation of the people directly with the black fineliner pen taking care to get the proportions correct.



The buildings were then added relatively loosely but with sufficient attention to perepective.
This was particularly difficult as the people were walking down a steep hill.

Wet washes of colour were then added, initially to the buildings using a wide flat brush.


Stronger colour was then applied to the figures using smaller round brushes.
Paul used a limited range of colours including ultramarine, cerulean, raw sienna, sepia, and scarlet.

Shadow was added to the figures to 'ground' them in the landscape.


The stronger colours on the figures were completed and some shadows from the buildings added

Darker details were added to the buildings and darker tone washed over the distant buildings to bring to life and complete an excellent demonstration


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