Demonstration of fantasy painting with watercolours

By Sharon Hurst

For the demonstration Sharon used watercolours (from tubes) and Bockingford 300 gsm paper.

The initial idea for the painting came from a photograph of the actress Keira Knightly found in a fashion magazine. This pose was drawn on the paper in pencil, and the additional wings, gravestones, moon, tree, and bat were supplied from Sharon's imagination..


Some photos of her demonstration are shown below.


Here blue masking fluid is applied to the areas to be kept light

A dramatic background is added using wet into wet technique.

Here flesh tones have been added to the face and body,
and salt has been sprinkled on the moon while the paint is wet.

The dress has been started and some colour added to the large gravestone



More detail has been added to the face and the net effect acheived by means of a thin wash of Paynes grey.

Sadly we ran out of time so this is as far as the demonstration could go.