Still life in Pastels

Tony Jackson

Tony has been here at Barnet Guild of Artists several times before but this will be his first still-life in pastels.


Tony explained that he preferred to set up his still-life compositions so that they were looked down on rather than viewed from the side. This view emphasises round objects and adds interest. As in the above left photo, the lids of the pots appear as almost straight lines, whereas in the composition on the right they have a distinct oval shape.


Tony began the painting by very loosely positioning the items using a pale green Conte crayon on the mid brown pastel paper. No attempt was made to remove incorrect lines or working marks. Then using an ochre coloured Conte crayon he highlighted the lines to be used for the painting itself.


Tony then identified the darkest areas of the composition using a blue pastel. This was then lightly smudged and some warm red colour applied.


A dark brown pastel was then applied over the blue areas to make the darks darker still. Some pink was applied to the fabric, some warm colour added to the copper coffee pot, and a cool pale blue used to define the bottle shape.


Tony now started to apply some light to the painting; firdtly by using a light gray colour on the bottle and the rim of the jug and coffee pot, and then on the fruit and the wall behind the chair.


There now followed a period of refinement; adding the occasional highlight, darkening a shadow or two, softening the pink fabric etc.

Tony, answering questions from the audience.

A close-up of the final painting - another excellent demonstration from Tony Jackson.