Demonstration of landscape painting with pen and watercolour

Joanna Stone

 For this demonstration, Joanna chose a rural scene near a remote cottage in Cumbria.


Joanna started by drawing the scene with various permanent marker pens. One of these had a synthetic brush tip and could produce lines of differing widths. The other pens were with fixed tips of different diameters.


Unlike in the photograph, Joanna did not want the gate to dominate the picture so this was lightly drawn with a narrow tipped pen.

The trees were then added, firstly with the brush pen then using a narrow tipped pen to suggest the distant foliage.

After the tea break Joanna started to apply the watercolour. Firstly a few patches of very pale cobalt blue with a hint of burnt sienna were added to suggest the sky. Joanna then mixed large quantities of several different shades of green before starting to add the foliage. Several different blues and yellows were used to create the various green colours, including cobalt, cerulean, and ultramarine blues, yellow ochre, lemon, and cadmium yellows.


Several layers of increasing density of green were carefully applied with a very slight touch using the side of the brush and the texture of the Bockingford watercolour paper to produce a foliage effect. Sadly the time constraints of the demonstration it was not possible to complete the demonstration, so Joanna showed how she would tackle the gate, the path beyond, and the stone wall.


The foliage of the trees was built up of many layers of progressively darker green applied carefully with the side of the brush - a time consuming activity.

The painting at the end of the demonstration period


A close up of some of the delicate foliage work.