Demonstration of caricature drawing by Simon Elinas


Simon started by drawing a caricature of Jeremy Corbyn using pencil.


Although Simon often starts his professional work in pencil then adding ink, he prefers to work directly in ink for spontaneity. This also increases visibility for demonstration purposes.

He then did a drawing of Theresa May. When a member of the audience commented that she looked very regal in the photograph Simon promptly added a crown.

He then moved on to predidential hopeful Donald Trump. Besides his famous quif, Donald is also noted for his bushy eyebrows and pursed lips which Simon greatly exagerated.

Simon was asked by a member of the audience if he could do caricatures from memory and Hillary Clinton was suggested amongst others. This was his response.

Simon then moved on to the actor Adrian Dunbar who he chose because of strong features and a longish face which he thought would work well in a caricature.

After the initial drawing he added some shading using a fine pen

Simon next selected a member of the audience, Ann, to work on

Ann with the finished work


Simon then returned to working from a photograph - this time the singer Paloma Faith notable for her eyebrows

This time he added some shading using a pale grey marker pen

Next Simon did some more caricatures from memory; Boris Johnson and Tony Blair

He was then asked by the audience to do a self portrait which he obligingly did.

He was then asked if he could draw Arsene Wenger (The Arsenal Manager). He was a little unsure of the face so he worked from an image on a smartphone provided by a member of the audience.


To round off the demonstration he drew another member of the audience, Barbara

This was the first time the guild had had a caricaturist demonstration and it turned out to be an exceedingly interesting and enjoyable evening which was rewarded with a hearty round of applause.

You can see Simon's website here and his Facebook page here