Portrait in oils

Rob Wareing

Rob has been here at Barnet Guild of Artists several times before and given both demonstrations and tutorials in portrait painting using both oils and pastels. For this demonstration he used Guild member Paul Brolan as the the model for his portrait in oils.

Rob started the demo by aplying very dilute washes of acrylic to position the composition on the canvas. He used orange for his skin tone and crimson for shadow skin tones. A touch of very dilute ultramarine ws used to cool some background areas.

He then began drawing the facial details using charcoal. A great deal of relative measurement using his brush at arms length was used during this stage as the accurate positioning of the eyes, nose and mouth are critical in achieving an accurate likeness. When he was satisfied with the drawing, the canvas was given a quick spray of fixative, then dried with a hair dryer.

Rob then began to apply the oil paint - thinly at first, but taking care to obtain the correct tone values.



Rob then continuously went round the painting applying thicker paint whilst adjusting the colours, adding details, and correcting any drawing errors.

The finished portrait

The model next to his portrait

Rob Wareing at work

A close-up of the final demonstration - another excellent demonstration from Rob Wareing.