Demonstration of portrait painting with pastels by Rob Wareing

Rob returns for another masterclass in painting a portrait, this time in pastels.

First he positions the head on the page (of Canson pastel paper), lightly drawing in a central line and marking the top of the forehead, the eyeline, and the position of the mouth using a sanguine pencil.


He then develops the areas round the eyes nose and mouth, at this stage avoiding hard lines, but still using a lot of measurements using his pencil held at arms length.


When he is happy with this initial stage he then applies darker tones using a sepia crayon gradually building up the detail.

After 25 minutes of drawing, a good likeness of the model is captured

He then starts to apply colour using pastels


This is where the magic seems to happen. Rob is constantly modifying the colour, blending in using his finger tips and adding and softening highlights.

At this stage (after 45 minutes) the artist and model enjoyed a well earned tea break

After continuing refinement


Work begins on the model's clothing keeping it simple with no distracting details

The earings and pendant are added last

The model and her finished portrait

The finished portrait

A detailed close up of the finished portrait

The model, the artist, and the finished portrait at the end of another excellent and inspiring demonstration