Demonstration of portrait painting in oils

Rob Wareing

For this his eighth demonstration to the guild, Rob started in his usual way using charcoal pencil on a previously primed canvas.

First Rob positioned the sitter's head on the canvas at approximately life size, with the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin being approximatel the span of one hand..

He then drew in the main features using copious measurements based on the width of an eye.

After fifteen minutes he had captured a pretty good likeness of the sitter.

He then lightly sprayed the drawing with hair lacquer to fix the charcoal before applying some colour to represent the darker skin tone.


This was then followed by the mid and light skin tones

At this stage the tones were applied loosely with a fairly large brush. Details would the be tightened up where needed at a later stge.


There then followed a period of refinement, adjustment of the tones and correction to the drawing accuracy.


The finished demonstration

Close up of the model's face

And finally, Rob together with his finished excellent demonstration

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