Photos from the 62nd Summer Exhibition 2010


This years poster featured a well known local scene by Guild member Georgina Mersh.

Guild members queuing to hand in their paintings


The judging panel ready to do their worst!

After much work behind the scenes, the Mayor of Barnet declares the exhibition open


Scenes from the opening night




Thanks to all those members whose efforts contributed to the success of the evening whether manning the desks,

helping with the refreshments, or the myriad of behind the scene activities.


The new banners helped provide a steady supply of visitors.

As did the display windows in the library.


The Spires Band-stand was again pressed into service on the Middle Saturday to advertise

the exhibition in the Pennefather Hall and to encourage young artists.





Budding artists of the future?


Scroll down for a closer look at some of the exhibits.





Finally the display screens are loaded for transporting back to the studio.

(Notice how the ladies are doing the heavy lifting!)



2010 Favourite Painting Winners

1st - "Waiting for the Judge" - Georgina Mersh

2nd - "Sunset in Phuket" - Sarah Ruggeri

3rd - "Hadley Green" - Valerie Smith

List of 2010 Artist Exhibitors

  • Marion Alderman
  • Julie Allen
  • Valerie Boon
  • Neil Boreland
  • Barbara Boxall
  • Patricia Bullen
  • Joan Butcher
  • Sheila Collis
  • Diana Cooper
  • Cynthia Davis
  • Claire Drinkwater
  • Anne Ellis
  • June Faulkner
  • Chris Feldman
  • Beryl Ford
  • Sue Ford
  • Leo Gibbons-Smith
  • Barbara Gladding


  • Jack Graham
  • Gillian Griffiths
  • Alan Habben
  • Maureen Hamilton
  • Harold Hersh
  • Fred Howett
  • Angela Hutchings
  • Ann Maria Jennings
  • J Johnson
  • Dan Kirschner
  • Renos Lavithis
  • Francoise Lewis
  • Barbara Littler
  • Reg Lodge
  • Norma Luetchford
  • Esther Martin
  • Georgina Mersh
  • Elisabeth Newsome


  • Jean O'Keefe
  • Ann Phillips
  • Peggy Pither
  • Angela Ratcliffe
  • Vivienne Rodwell-Davies
  • Sarah Ruggeri
  • Valerie Smith
  • Geoff Tavender
  • Michelle Thompson
  • Janet Tranter
  • Valerie Wall
  • Andrew Wharhirst
  • Cary Whitworth
  • Claudia Wight
  • Kumari Wijeratne
  • Anne Williams


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