Photos from the 64th Summer Exhibition, 2012


The colourful main image on this years poster is by Guild member Tania Lixenberg.

The display screens start their journey to the exhibition hall ............

............ where they are assembled by a team of volunteers...........


The paintings are endlessly rearranged until an acceptable layout emerges!

Photos from the opening night





The Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Brian Schama and his wife, with Guild Chairman, Gillian Griffiths

A closer look at some of the exhibits.



The library window was used to promote the exhibition

As was the Spires bandstand where children could try painting on silk

As usual, the ceramics proved to be popular




A tribute corner to two of the Guild's most talented and respected artists,
Alan Habben and John Marsh who sadly passed away during the past year.
The portraits of Alan and John were painted by Guild member Len Clarke.



2012 Favourite Painting Winners

1st - "Brixham Corner" - Jeff Wall        

2nd - "Summer"- Janet Tranter

3rd - "Covent Garden Fruit Stall" - Georgina Mersh

List of 2012 Artist Exhibitors

  • Marion Alderman
  • Chris Baker
  • Valerie Boon
  • Gerard Brito
  • Malcolm Brown
  • Joan Butcher
  • Len Clarke
  • Diana Cooper
  • Claire Drinkwater
  • June Faulkner
  • Beryl Ford
  • Sue Ford
  • Barbara Gladding
  • Gillian Griffiths
  • Harold Hersh
  • Ingrid Hopkins
  • Fred Howett
  • Angela Hutchings
  • Karim Hyde-Smith
  • Ann Maria Jennings
  • Chris Karageorgi
  • Anna Lavithis
  • Renos Lavithis
  • Francoise Lewis
  • Barbara Littler
  • Tania Lixenberg
  • Reg Lodge
  • Norma Luetchford
  • Georgina Mersh
  • Sepideh Nary
  • Elisabeth Newsome
  • Jean O'Keefe
  • Vivienne Rodwell-Davies
  • Sarah Ruggeri
  • Jean Samuel
  • Valerie Smith
  • Geoff Tavender
  • Janet Tranter
  • Jeffery Wall
  • Andrew Wharhirst
  • Fleur White
  • Kumari Wijeratne
  • Anne Williams


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