The SAA layflat challenge


In 2015 the SAA (Society for All Artists) introduced its Layflat Challenge to promote a new product, the layflat sketchpad, which provides a smooth uninterrupted surface across two adjacent pages. Existing art societies were eligible to enter, the aim being to fill the sketchpad with a variety of members work across the double page spread. The sketchpad was of A4 size providing an A3 surface.

There are three prizes of art materials for the winning club sketchbooks, and 10 prizes for the best individual contributions.

The Guild Entries

Oare Creek - Fred Howett

Country Walk - Valerie Smith

Sphinx - 'Ally Pally' - Georgina Mersh

The Stable Room at Whalebones - Sheila Collis

Orientalised Budleigh Salterton - Trudi Oliver

Pyramid guides union meeting - Sue Russell

Arch to the park - Choon Ling Wong

Barnet Classic Car Show - Fred Howett

City lunch - Mirta Pither

Bunty Bulldog - Diana Cooper

Yellow Rose - Karim Hyde-Smith

Chickens at Whalebones - Marion Alderman

Early morning - Valerie Smith


Portrait of Valerie - Harold Hersh

Portrait of Ingrid - Nichola Peasnell

Life class - Harold Hersh

Is it a Banksy? - Ilse Rispoli

Portrait of Miles Davis - Sue Russell

Wine and glasses - Sheila Collis

The Black Elvis - Paul Brolan


Santa Catalina de Siena - Marilynne Humphris

Sadly the guild was not one of the three winning clubs, nor did we win any of the individual prizes.

The sketchbook has been returned to us and is now available in our studio for members to view.