The SAA world record challenge


The SAA (Society for All Artists) has announced a world record art challenge which is open to all guild members. This is an attempt to set the world record for the largest number of original artworks exhibited under one roof.

All the paintings will be of the same size; 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Any subject, any medium, landscape or portrait mode. Members may submit as many entries as they like, together with a single submission form. Some blank cards and entry forms are available in the studio or from the SAA.

More details can be found on the SAA website at the following link:

It would be nice if all active guild members would participate in this event (some have already started) - It does not take long to complete each small painting/drawing and final entries are due in December so there is plenty of time.

We would like to photograph all the guild members entries and place a collage of them on the guild website. Please leave your finished entries in the studio for them to be photographed by Fred Howett before they are submitted to the SAA.

Contributions to date











The results

Over 10,000 fellow artists contributed , resulting in a total of 32,283 original masterpieces, all under one roof at the SAA HQ!

The paintings are mounted on seventy panels and occupy over 200 square metres. All the entries are available to see on a special website set up by the SAA. Contributers were individually emailed the location of their works by panel number, row number and column number. Some of the guild entries can be found at the location: Panel 19, Rows 24, 25

To browse the entries, click this link