Printing Workshop with Andy Dalton

This was Andy's second visit to the guild and following the success of his first workshop this one was fully booked. Andy outlined the day for us: the morning would comprise printing with acetate film and the afternoon would be for 'intaglio' printing. To speed up the day he brought two lighter presses this time instead of the single extremely heavy press he used previously.

The acetate printing process is relatively simple. A single shape is cut out of a sheet of acetate, ink applied with a roller, covered with a sheet of paper and then 'rolled' through the press. Some members used standard clip art shapes provided by Andy while other members drew their own shapes. The acetate sheet was placed on the drawing to be printed and the outline drawn on the acetate sheet with a marker pen. The acetate sheet was then transferred to a cutting board and the shape cut out with a craft knife.

Although the process is simple, more advanced prints can be obtained by using more than one ink colour, and by using the remaining acetate sheet to produce a negative image. Some photos of members efforts are shown below.




After lunch we moved on to intaglio printing which is a form of printing in which the image is scratched or incised into a surface, and the incised line or sunken area holds the ink.

For this workshop, a piece of a transparent perspex like sheet was used as the printing plate. This was placed over the required image, and the picture drawn by scratching into the surface with a sharp pointed tool.

A little of the ink which is a thick paste in consistency is applied to the inscribed surface and rubbed in with a cloth pad taking care that all the inscribed areas are filled with ink. The unscribed area is then wiped free of ink leaving the grooves filled. A special paper for intaglio printing is used and is prepared by soaking in water, then removing the surface water with blotting paper. This is then placed carefully on the inked plate and rolled throught the press.


Andy inking the plate (left) and wiping off the unwanted ink (right)

Andy with the finished print.

Some photos of members efforts are shown below.





A most enjoyable day was had by all.

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